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Tia Rodgers

The Art Of Investing In Yourself­čśŐGrowing Learning Healing We All Do It! Join the movement.....Our mission is to help individuals that need a hand up to achieve their dreams despite life challenges. One individual and family at a time. Life on life terms can be challenging. Tia is a homebased business owner that understands what it means to never give up. Tammise Market has been in business for 2 years plus as Tia worked her full time job and worked her home based business. Tia has now created a business that she runs from her home computer, phone and from anywhere. Through networking professionals opportunities Tia has learned about the rewards of being committed to producing multiple streams of income and changing her life and wishes to share it with all that are interested in building something for themselves and families. As she helps other's in need in her community through donations given to agencies in her surrounding community that are already doing what Tia wants to do on a larger scale but realize that it's more effective to help those who are already doing just that and wish to continue as we all work together for the common good for all.Join a community that gives back and become a part of the bigger picture of this life journey.